Fed Up with FedEx

FedEx claims to run "the tightest ship in the shipping business." From my perspective, it is staffed by incompetents, unable to provide anything beyond empty promises. On February 6th I ordered an espresso tamper. Due to a PayPal error (that's another story) it was shipped to an old address of mine in another state. I called FedEx to correct the address, but was told that it would have to be corrected by the shipper. I sent an email to the shipper, who called FedEx. Too late. The package was on route to the wrong address. I was told that once it arrived at that distribution center, the address correction would be made and the package rerouted to the correct address. That never happened. On the FedEx Website I read that the package was being returned to the shipper in California. I called FedEx again. "No problem," I was told. They would correct it and call me back before it was returned to the shipper. Do you think that happened. Of course not. Now it's in California. They may or may not be able to reroute it. If they can't (and you know that they won't), the shipper has to request a credit and ship it again. I'm completely disgusted. I've called FedEx five times. Their system is so automated that their employees are incapable of making corrections, if you sent a package to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, FedEx would probably drive a truck into the sea. 

© Jon Rosen, 2010