Dymo Stamps

Dymo stamps are convenient, because you can print postage from your home or office, and can save you money, too. Dymo, well-known as a manufacturer of thermal label printers, produces a label for printing postage. Their software is cross-platform, with versions for both Mac and Windows. The Mac version is Universal, meaning it will run natively on Intel-powered Macs. You set up an account with Endicia.com using your credit card information, and can then add as little as $10 in postage to your account. The software allows you to print postage in any amount and has built-in support for electronic postage scales, if you have one. There is no premium charged for the postage, but you do have to pay for the labels. My Dymo LabelWriter Duo came with a roll of 200 labels, so that will last me for a while. The reason I said you can save money with Dymo Stamps is that if you need to print an $.87 stamp, you can do it, and don't need to put three $.39 stamps on an envelope. It also eliminates the need to drive to the post office for a sheet of stamps. This product (and service) brings most of the features of a postage meter to the desktop without the expense.

I do wish it were possible to print custom designs on the Dymo labels. This is a business-oriented product, but many businesses would want to be able to print a vanity stamp on their outgoing mail. Endicia has a service that prints full color stamps with your uploaded artwork, but it costs about $.50 per stamp for the privilege. That may be worthwhile for wedding invitations or holiday cards, but certainly not for paying the electric bill. This is a well-conceived and well-implemented product and a good value.

© Jon Rosen, 2010